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Wilkommen in HOF Webshop



Vi tager mod følgende korttyper

We accept the following cards

Folgende Karten wird akzeptiert

On this site we offer angling permits and memberships for the fishing waters of "Holstebro og Omegns Fiskeriforening". (Fishing Association for Holstebro and Surroundings)


Click the button "Buy Angling Permit" in the drop down menu under "English Version". This brings You to a new page, where You can buy Angling Permit for one day of your own choise.

Personal information as Name, Address, Telephone Number and E-mail-adress, are only for internal use and for direct contact to You with Information You need.

Memberships and Angling Permits are personal, so each individual should make his own purchase.

When You have placed Your order, follow the guidance on the site, until You reach the payment site. When paid, You will recieve a new page with acceptance of Your order, and You also recieve an e-mail in Your in-box with a reciept and information regarding Your purchase. You should print out this E-mail or place it in Your smartphone in order to show the e-mail to our Fishery Inspectors.

You will also recieve links to maps, parking instructions and rules for fishing. As we sanction violation of the rules, You should know these rules before You start fishing.

Please remember: In Denmark persons between 18 and 65 years are obliged to have a fishing licence from the Ministry og Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

You can buy this licence here:


Kontakt Information

Klubhus: Banetoften 74, 7500 Holstebro


Gunnar H Pedersen (Formand)                                    Jimmy Käehne (kasserer)  

Ove Krarupsvej 17 6990 Ulfborg                                  Uhresøvej 47, 7500  Holstebro 

20 46 82 58                                                                 20 28 80 09

Holstebro og Omegns Fiskeriforening er medlem af

Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund og Sammenslutningen ved Storå (SVS)