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Fishing in the Storå water systems are divided into 2 areas. Area B is Storå West with the zones 1 till 5, where fishing is allowed from the 16th of April till the 15th of October (incl.) Area B is the rest og the Storå water systems with the zones 7 till 10, where fishing is allowed from the 1st og March till the 31st of October (incl.) In area B zone 6 Vandkraftsøen the fishing is allowed all year.

Click here for map of zones Click on one of the colored frames, and then clic on the Link to the left for detailed informations.

In Denmark an Angling Permit is called "Dagkort". In order to buy yours, choose below between under 18 years (Junior) and over 18 years (Senior). Remember to choose the right date for Your visit to "Storåen".

We take great pride in our work with improwing the possibillities for spawning for Salmonides in the Storå system. When buying Your Angling Permit, You contribute to this work with the sum of DKK 25,00, wich is included in the price. Your contribution makes it possible for us to buy gravel to distribute into the streams of Storå. Thank You!

When You have made Your choices press "Buy". In the next page fill in Your informations in the necessary fields. Then press "Go to payment"


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Klubhus: Banetoften 74, 7500 Holstebro


Gunnar H Pedersen (Formand)                                    Jimmy Käehne (kasserer)  

Ove Krarupsvej 17 6990 Ulfborg                                  Uhresøvej 47, 7500  Holstebro 

20 46 82 58                                                                 20 28 80 09

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